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Sugar Management Software

Tuesday, 19 November 2019
Sugar Management Software


SugarERP is a sugar management software which  includes all the operations of a sugar cane industry right from cane registration & accepting sugar cane from farmers to the output of a sugar. Information of farmers may be member or non-member, area information, Agricultural land details, Harvesting, transporting details, shares, Deposit, quantity & quality of sugar and cane billing etc. Various reports, which are, required for day to day operations & MIS reports, right from cane registration to financial statements, in short totally covers all the major activities of the organization in smooth manner.


This project includes various modules like


·         Cane Development Module

·         Cane H & T Billing Module

·         Stores Inventory

·         Store Accounting

·         Purchase Module

·         Sugar Sale

·         Godown Management

·         Financial Accounting

·         Cane Weighment System

·         Payroll – HRD